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Background grid Renault Megane Hatchback 2016-present Kia Ceed Hatchback 2018-present
Real height1 1.447 m 2
1 1.447 m Real height1
+ 1.4 cm 2 1.814 m Real width2
1 1.8 m Real width2
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Kia Ceed 5-door Hatchback  2018 - present Views available
Kia Change 1
Ceed CD
5-door Hatchback 2018 - present 16″
Spotted in Switzerland
Renault Megane 5-door Hatchback  2016 - present Views available
Renault Change 2
Megane RFB
5-door Hatchback 2016 - present 17″
Spotted in Switzerland

Rear ViewKia Ceed (CD) 5-door Hatchback 2018 vs. Renault Megane (RFB) 5-door Hatchback 2016

Kia Ceed (CD) 5-door Hatchback 2018 is 1.4 cm narrower equally high compared to Renault Megane (RFB) 5-door Hatchback 2016

265 cm
266.9 cm
431 cm
435.9 cm
180 cm
181.4 cm
144.7 cm
144.7 cm
395 l
Cargo volume3
402 l
1291 l
Cargo volume max.3,4
1247 l
1. Maximum height | 2. Width with folded mirrors | 3. Most common power unit. Possible deviation of standards. | 4. With rear seats folded down
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