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Background grid Lada 4x4 Offroader 1995-2006
1 5.38 ft Real height1
1 12.27 ft Real length
Street perspective vs. specification. See Disclaimer.
Lada 4x4 Niva 3-door Offroader  1995 - 2006 Views available
4x4 Niva 2 VAZ 2121
3-door Offroader 1995 - 2006 16″
Spotted in Switzerland
Views available
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Side ViewLada 4x4 Niva (VAZ 2121) 3-door Offroader 1995

Technical specs | Lada 4x4 Niva (VAZ 2121) 3-door Offroader 1995 is 12.27 ft long and 5.38 ft high. It has 8.7 in ground clearance and offers 34.7 cu ft cargo space.4,5

86.6 in
147.2 in
66.1 in
79.72 in
Width incl. mirrors
64.6 in
8.7 in
Ground clearance3
9.3 cu ft
Cargo volume4
34.7 cu ft
Cargo volume max.4,5
1. Maximum height | 2. Width with folded mirrors | 3. Max. ground clearance | 4. Most common power unit. Possible deviation of standards. | 5. With rear seats folded down

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