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Background grid Land Rover Range Rover Evoque SUV 2018-2023
1.649 m Real height1
4.371 m Real length
Street perspective vs. specification. See Disclaimer.
Land Rover Range Rover Evoque SUV  2018 - 2023 Views available
Land Rover
Range Rover Evoque 2 L551
SUV 2018 - 2023 17″
Spotted in Switzerland
Mirrored image
Views available

Side ViewLand Rover Range Rover Evoque (L551) SUV 2018

Technical specs | Land Rover Range Rover Evoque (L551) SUV 2018 is 4.371 m long and 1.649 m high. It has 21.2 cm ground clearance and offers 1156 l cargo space.4,5

437.1 cm
190 cm
210 cm
Width incl. mirrors
164.9 cm
268.1 cm
21.2 cm
Ground clearance3
472 l
Cargo volume4
1156 l
Cargo volume max.4,5
1845 kg
1. Maximum height | 2. Width with folded mirrors | 3. Max. ground clearance | 4. Most common power unit incl. highest seat mode configuration. Possible deviation of standards. | 5. With rear seats folded down | 6. Curb weight

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